Otros masters y cursos empresariales:



  • Strategy and risk management


  • Gestión de cobro y negociación


  • Dirección y motivación laboral


  • Gestión de grupos


  • Customer Care Relationship Expert



Otros masters y cursos certificados:


  • Master Reiki - Maestra Docente Mireia Fresno

[Federación Española de Reiki - num. fed. 3617]

  • Yoga Teacher [Certificada Yoga Alliance]

Yoga One (Bcn)

  • Técnico en dietética deportiva - INN Formación
  • Lenguaje Corporal - Método Allan Pease
  • Psicogenealogía - Método A. Jodorowsky



My name is Vittoria Verí Doldo and I welcome you to my website! On the way, I'll tell you something about me!

In my professional past I worked in multinational companies from different sectors, developing my functions in the area of CRM for Excellence, Finance, Change Management, Retail and HR. I started from the base and thanks to that, I could build a solid professional profile up to cover executive and leadership positions, which made the experience was full, exciting and enriching.


After several years of studies and a stunning path of personal transformation, I finally decided to focus my work on the processes of self-knowledge and integral health of people, discovering this way my real life mission.

I dedicated over 10 years to the human capital management, promoting the creativity of people, detecting and realizing their potential, promoting awareness, accompanying them to reach concrete results. And always in competitive and changing environments, with high levels of pressure and strong orientation to the achievement of goals.


Now I'm still working basically in the same field, but just with a quite different focus and consciousness.

Working with people and providing them tools to achieve their goals, their balance and to feel happier - either individually or in a business context -, is an incredible privilege.



Vision & Mission


The answers we are looking for do not exist outside of us, they are within us.

Knowing our inner requires training and thanks to it, we can see the good and the bad that lie in ourselves and in others. Thereby we can discover, identify, detect strengths and weaknesses and take advantage of them.

The weaknesses are important guidance for behavior. Consider them as a fault or as something to blame or live them as a failure does not help and is useless.

The ability to be positive has to be developed as well even when it is innate...


My job is to support the internal forces of people, considering the two poles in each thing, opposites that make us what we are: One.

It is not always necessary a change to be happy. Many times you just have to realize and take care of what makes you feel good; and this let you reach a fuller and deeper perception of your nature itself. Our natural state is a state of happiness, you just need to learn how to go back to it when you are living situations and circumstances that disconnect you from your balance center.


The aim of my work o is to encourage people to develop a deep respect and appreciation for themselves and to learn how to use their own capabilities of self-adjustment and self-healing, being these innate in everyone of us. An holistic view estimulate the internal energies of people - mental, emotional, physical, energetic - to restore a good health.


I consider myself a persistent and intuitive trainer who wants to share his life experience and give a clear message: ¡everything is possible!

I'm a lover of authenticity, life enthusiastic, determined and optimistic, firmly convinced that if you trin with commitment any goal is achieved and any obstacle - internal or external - vanishes.

What and How to train is a personal and experiential decision, related to the present need.

I just accompany you.


It is not my job, it's my passion!

  • Licenciada en Derecho - Universidad Magna Grecia, (Italia - CZ)


  • Abilitación al ejercicio de la Abogacia - Colegio de los Abogados de Reggio Calabria (Italia)


  • MBA Administración y Dirección de Empresas - ENEB Business School, Barcelona


  • Master en Dirección de RRHH - EAE Business School, Barcelona


  • Master en Coaching Transformacional y Sistémico [Certificada ACSTH)
    • Formación en Gestalt&PNL
    - Institut Integratiu, Barcelona


  • Master en Coaching&PNL para Empresas - ENEB Business School, Barcelona


  • Master en Dietoterapia Bioenergética: naturista y MTC - Ismet Institut

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Bcn)


  • Master en Kinesiología Integrativa - Heilpraktiker Institut

Universidad Fernando Pessoa (Bcn-PT)





Travel, cinema, theater, music, reading, walking the naturetrekking, fitness, climbing, African dance, yoga, Greek literature, psychology, sociology, nutrition.

Vittoria Verì Doldo

Health Coach & HR Developer

Phone: (+34) - 93 -1276139

Email: info@healthenergycoaching.com

City: Barcelona (Spain)

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