Integrative Kinesiology: what is it?


Kinesiology is a technique through which the imbalances in people can be evaluated by function and muscle tone. Likewise, it identifies the nature of the internal blocks (pain, toxicity, nutrient deficiency, emotional disorders, mental disorders, stress, learning difficulties etc.) and apply the harmonization in the corresponding system: bio-electric, emotional, biochemical - nutritional, structural, subtle energetic.

Kinesiology considers the human being as an open biological system, whose main goal is to constantly experience different challenges.

An unsuitable resolution of these challenges becomes a stress factor in our minds as well as in the memory of our tissues, nervous system, organs and emotions. All this generates a not functional response in us and causes one or more blocks due to something that has not been solved.

The intervention of the kinesiologist release the stress and thus people can start their self-adjustment processes.


How does it work?


Kinesiology identifies the elements that inhibit the natural healing processes of the body, releases pain , stress, muscle and nervous imbalances, detects nutritional intolerances and deficiencies, is a supportive therapy in case of mental disabilities and learning difficulties, stimulates natural inner energies and unblocks the hidden potential of people.

The methods used are simple and enable the therapist to communicate with the patients subconscious, interacting with the intelligence of their body, facilitating the exchange and stimulating the self-regulation of the body.



How can it helps you?


The main goal is that the patient understands in which part of the body there is an imbalance, realizes its origin and its internal causes, and uses internal tools to correct it.

The result is that the body self-balances itself thanks to its innate capacity to self-recovery and healing.

The treatment: sessions and methods


The first session usually lasts 1 hour and a half. After an interview and the analysis of the clinical history of the patient, the first treatments required will be provided. The results are immediate not only because of the reduction of pain states that are affecting the patient, but also because of the unlocking and removing of structurally and / or psycho-emotional stress.

The therapy can last 3, 5 or 10 sessions, depending on the situation the patient is suffering.

The kinesiological tests


Thanks to the muscle test and other testing methods, the kinesiologist can evaluate the most appropriate solutions to correct the dysfunction suffered by the patient, restore health, reset a relationship or connection between muscle chains and organs, emotions, nutrients and meridians according to the Traditional Medicine Chinese. Whn I talk about Health, I'm referring to all the factors that are inhibiting people balance at all levels.

The muscle test enables to test emotions and other aspects of the patient's life as well, so as to generate comprehension because it works at a deep inner level.

The communication between the patient and the kinesiologist is the most important tool because it creates a two-way channel with the conscious and unconscious part of the person.

My areas of specialization?


  • Intoxications and food allergies, heavy metals, fungi, parasites, candidiasis
  • Emotional blocks (current / past, conscious / unconscious), behavioral disorders
  • States of stress and chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • Accompaniment to the resolution of conflict situations
  • Migraines, headaches, concentration problems
  • Craniosacral technique for holistic relaxation
  • Toxic scars (internal, external, emotional)
  • Blocks energy (chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, electromagnetic fields)
  • Geopathies diagnosis
  • Postural problems, spine, muscles and joints, post-traumatic syndromes
  • Chronic or acute pain at a structural level
  • Imbalances in the immune, neuro-vegetative, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive system
  • In children: sensory stimulation, immune, respiratory and digestive system, concentration and learning deficits
  • Harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres and laterality

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