Each client requires a specific and personalized treatment as well as each company will need a tailorade action plan; therefore, the first session will be informative and evaluative.

The session will last for an hour or hour and a half and its purpose is identify and prioritize the clients needs according to their preferences; furthermore the most appropriate process to follow will be proposed - explaining the techniques and the method of work -; it'll be agreed a goal with the customer and the date of the next session.

The number of sessions will depend on several factors: the customer participation, the chronicity and complexity of the problem, the response to therapy as well as other factors, including those not dependent on the clients.




  • The rates of each individual session are 50 €


  • In case of long-term unemployed or unemployed clients, the rates of each individual session are 35 € (it will be necessary to present the INEM documentation)


  • The rates of the sessions in case of combined therapy will vary depending on the treatments choose and the duration required to achieve the agreed goal


  • The rates of team-sessions and / or in companies are calculated based on the type of project, its complexity, the goal that must be achieved and other variable factors depending on each specific case


We offer economical rates, below the average of the market prices, according to the philosophy of reasonable prices that we want to apply in Health Energy Coaching. We want to ensure that any process can be accessible to the maximum number of people possible this way.

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